Functional Testing

With all products, you want to be sure that before you launch, your title is robust and functioning as intended. A buggy product not only gets you rejected from a store submission, it also promotes an unprofessional image.

Functional testing takes everything into account. We analyze your product from top to bottom, ensuring that we're locating and logging anything outside of its intended behavior. We'll help ensure that you have a quality, high-performance product that functions precisely as it was designed and is ready for deployment.

Certification Testing

Store requirements are constantly evolving. It's difficult to keep on top of one platform, let alone all of them.

Our test teams are trained and up to date with all of the advancements in certification testing. From iOS through Android, you can be sure our teams will find and report any issue that could cause a submission failure. We're also in direct contact with key platform personnel, that allow us to future-proof your product and ensure that you're ready for the next OS release. Be successful the first time!

Localization Testing

Translations are simply not enough when you're trying to get your product to new markets.

We work with language experts that will ensure that your product is prepared and properly adapted to, well-received, and understood in your target regions. Our EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish) team will check for translations that apply to the locale, text overlaps, truncations and line breaks, alignment issues, time and calendar formats, and monetary symbols.

Adhoc Testing

Your application has passed all basic functionality tests and your critical path is now solid.

But how do you account for unusual use of your product? The answer is adhoc testing and we provide multiple hourly, daily, and longer-term options. We facilitate buddied or paired testing, where we work directly with your engineering team to break your product in unexpected ways. This helps to remove the "tunnel vision" that can occur when your internal QA team is too focused on intended functionality.

Test Plan Creation

Work with us to create a comprehensive checklist for your product to ensure that all areas of functionality are covered.

Our experienced Project Managers analyze and break down products for a living. We'll take whatever materials you've got and create a checklist that identifies every aspect of your product's functionality. We'll also augment this checklist with our internal set of standards and uses cases, that ensure a high level of quality control.