Elevate your products to a higher standard.

Quality Assurance services performed by local specialists in your timezone.

We're right there with you!


Functional Testing

We'll help ensure that you have a quality product that functions precisely as it was designed to. We analyze your product from top to bottom, ensuring that we're locating and logging anything outside of it's intended behavior.

Development Testing

We've closed the feedback loop by positioning our engineers in North America. Consider us an xtension of your own team, accessible on your hours and on your communication channels, but without the training, commitment, and HR.

Console testing

We have the latest development kits from Microsoft (Xbox s and Xbox x) as well as Sony PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) along with Nintendo Switch, to ensure that your game is thoroughly tested and ready for certification

Test Plan Creation

Documentation development is one of our strongest strengths. We'll identify all aspects of your product and document every last use and edge case, creating a detailed set of test criteria that ensures your product is tested in full.

Perfdog Mobile Analysis

Using Perfdog In partnership with WeTest, we are able to fully analyze the performance of your game or application on both IOS and Android platforms in terms of Bandwidth usage, Framerate, CPU and Memory usage, giving you key insights into how well it will perform and what changes you need to make in order to give users their best experience


Phones & Tablets

iOS, Android, Windows, all of the operating systems, all of the screen sizes. Our device library supports world-wide deployment.


MacOS, Windows, Linux, chipsets, GPUs, compatibility between them, and even server load-testing. We've been there, done that.

World Wide Web

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. All of the browsers, plugins, extensions, and implementations are available to our partners.

Console and VR

From Sony's PS5 and Microsoft Xbox s and x through to Nintendo Switch, Oculus Rift and Quest we have the experience and hardware to be able to fully test your games and applications



All three co-founders of xtensionQA have been developing software for 20+ years. From consoles to mobile phones, we've shipped products with the biggest multimedia corporations out there with a passion for quality and evolution.

Use us for our experience and track record. We don't just find bugs. We assure quality.


Transparency breeds trust and open communication with our partners. Having been clients ourselves, we understand what it's like to wait for results. The feedback loop can seem endless when your goal is to shorten release times.

We're working right there with you. Our processes were devised specifically to remove the wait time.


We believe in ownership. We take care of your products as if they're our own and while that sounds cliché, it actually means that you get to harness a wealth of knowledge, without long-term commitment and new hire ramp-up time.

Total dedication to our craft got us to where we are today. It's simply, what we do.

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